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Latest Naturhov basis trim seminar 2016



Study for the "nurds"



"Contraction - a life in pain"



Contraction is a known problem in horse communities, the less known are the fact that many effected horses will/can have a life time of pain and related diseases.

The picture linked above shows hoof dissections done at the latest Naturhov basis trim seminar in Denmark(09/2014).

The top hoof is relatively healthy, the bottom hoof will  have dirt, bacteria e.g. captured in the "contraction" which cannot be removed easily or at all, this will cause infections, pain and discomfort throughout the duration of the contraction. 

Contraction can in some cases be "cured" this depends on the horses age and how/when the contraction started."

Click on picture above an see a video that explains the principple.



Latest Naturhov basis trim seminar




Breaking world news - never seen before video.



An other succesfull Naturhov basis trim seminar 22 - 24 Marts 2013, this time with Hans Linderod at Bognæs ved Holbæk, Sealand, Denmark.


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  Shoes of a life time …






Would you?    Walk in iron!



Be sure to check out a study in movement page - here



            Your horse will never need old fashion fixed sliding shoes again – the sliding boot is here J



Barefoot slide STOP




Nasp (Nick name”Droid”) the name Nasp comes from knife and rasp. The Nasp solves tasks in

The sole and bar areas that is difficult to do with old and traditional knife and rasps especially in seasons with little water (dry hoofs). The Nasp can be used for sole manicure and adjustment of high spots, bars, bar corners and groves between trims, and as a part of trimming. The tool is operated by one hand drawing the tool and applying pressure to the area, which is to be adjusted.

The Nasp has been tested by barefoot trimmers, owners, and pioneers in USA, Germany, Switzerland and Natural hoof horse owners in Denmark and have received very positive feedbacks.

The Nasp is easy and safe to use for maintenance (by Natural hoof horse owners) between regular trim by hoof care specialists, a tool that every barefoot horse owner will benefit from. You should only use the Nasp after being properly instructed in its use by your hoof care professional. Cleaning the Nasp is easy – look here.



                       The Nasp is originally invented, designed, developed and patented by Naturhov



                 Price 50 € for the original Nasp, Craftsman made in Denmark


HOW to Order a NASP?


You just E-mail us

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The following two short videos show one of the reasons Naturhov does not use fixed shooing methods!

The recordings took place at the same location with the same wind and weather conditions,

Within 20 minutes of each other, both riders where same weight e.g.

The horses where for the recording show in a short trot, the horse with fixed shoes warmed up about

20 minutes before recording took place, horse without started cold into recording.

Recordings where done at the same speed.

Take a look at these videos here:  Horse with fixed shoeHorse without



This site among others will hopefully be a part in changing this and promoting the Natural hoof horse movement for a better horse world.

Naturhov hopes that a lot of horse people when reading the information on this site, will realise what they

Do to their best fried and companion, if they choose to continue using fixed shooing methods! 


Should horse owners continue to use fixed shooing methods, the horse owner should among other things realise these:


The horse will most likely never show the full potential.


The horse will most likely be sicker than no shod horses.


The horse will most likely not live to be as old as a horse without shoes.


The horse will most likely have a lifetime partly filled with pain.


And then stuff to think about.



The horse industry in the United States contributes $39 billion in direct economic impact to the US economy and supports 1.4 million jobs on a full-time basis, according to the study. When indirect and induced spending is included, the industry’s economic impact reaches $102 billion. The study also estimates the horse population in this country has reached 9.2 million. (Source AHC)

The number of horses in Denmark (located in Scandinavia, Europe) Is estimated to around 175,000…

But a fast calculation shows that there is one horse for 30,5 citizens in the US, where as in Denmark

There is one horse for every 32 citizens. So compared by number of citizens to the number of horses - Well

the numbers does not land that far apart, BUT the amount of money involved …




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